About Tabitha Tansey

“Tabitha got in touch through our website and when we clicked on the images she’s sent us the immediate reaction from both of us, simultaneously, was ‘wow!’ The delicate beauty of her creations literally took our breath away and we are extremely flattered she’s chosen Swanky Maison to showcase her work.” Emma & Cath, Swanky Maison.

Tabitha Tansey is an award winning glass artist who was recently selected for the Craft&Design Highly Commended Newcomer Award 2010 at the British Craft Trade Fair.

Tabitha graduated in 2009 from Glyndwr University with a degree in Applied Art and since then has designed and made beautiful handcrafted glass pieces in her own studio, set in rural North Shropshire.

Originally Tabitha was interested in stained glass but whilst undertaking her degree, she was introduced to the unusual glass technique of Pate de Verre and has been fixated by the method ever since.

Pate de Verre literally means glass paste is an ancient technique that requires great patience and skill to achieve. Small pieces of glass called frit are mixed into a paste with a binding agent, and then painstakingly and slowly packed into a mould. This is then fired in a kiln resulting in an individual piece of exquisite glass.

Tabitha’s designs have been inspired by erosion and formation of rocks, minerals and the natural landscape, resulting in a selection of pieces that have a beautiful crystallised quality.

Tabitha’s Pate de Verre pieces make wonderful gifts or can be used to display and enhance your own treasured items; at home as jewellery holders or dinner table centrepieces they add a new dimension to any space.

Tabitha Tansey Collection

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